We are the future.

We are the solution.

We will make your city the cleanest city.

OVERDUE is a collective of individuals who pick up trash together to make their communities cleaner, greener and friendlier.

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A Growing Community

Hubs are an essential foundation for our mission. They help grow participation, help people to reduce the amount of single use plastic in different communities, and inspire and train regional leaders.

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Our Work

Malibu Beach Cleanup

We host monthly beach cleanups! The beach cleanups are crucial to protect marine life by picking up the trash on the beaches. On the cliffs by the beaches, there are needles, shattered glass and SO MANY plastic bottles. By picking up all the trash before the wind carries it away, we protect the marine life.

Lake Balboa Cleanup

We do frequent river cleanups as well. At the beginning of the cleanup at Lake Balboa, we could barely see the water due to piled up plastic pollution. We couldn’t even see the trees because unbelievable things like box springs, shopping carts and bookshelves were wrapped around the trees.

It’s awesome to see how fast nature heals and know that we can restore nature for our future generations!

Neighborhood Cleanup

OVERDUE was started because a dog almost stepped on a needle in the neighborhood. We also believe that kids should not grow up thinking that the mess is normal. We should lead by example and be the leaders in our community.

We are the solution. The solution is OVERDUE.