Education Events

Environment Arts Festival - Recycle art festival, Recycle arts competition, kids exhibition, and more!
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    Our First-Ever Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony
    • A congratulations is OVERDUE for these outstanding student leaders!
    OVERDUE kids beach cleanup
    • We educate kids how fun the beach cleanup is and tell them what impact they made using animal references.
    • Beach workshops under development. Follow us to be updated!
    OVERDUE Environmental Festivals at school
    • Recycle art festival coming up soon!
    Viewpoint High School
    • E-waste recycling lesson
    St. Bernardine of Siena School
    • Beach cleanup
    • Upcycling art class
    USC Engineering Department
    • LA river project - capstone class
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    Education program news
    • We visit local schools to speak in class/ zoom call about E- waste/ plastic waste.
    Student chapter at local schools
    • We have 12 hubs (and more to come!) that are led by local leaders.
    • Sign up to make a chapter at your school and inspire other students!
    • Get a hands on experience about environmentalism!
    Notre Dame High School
    • Ocean microplastics and marine life lesson
    • Kahoot! quiz
    • Beach Cleanup
    Student chapters
    • Host monthly meetings
    • Coordinate frequent cleanup events
    • Engage the students in their community
    • Earn community hours
    • Learn leadership in sustainability
Student Chapter Locations
  • Sunrise, Florida
  • Seattle, WA
  • Los Gatos, CA